Improve Your Photography With Clouds


Picture this, you’ve booked a vacation and the weekly forecast predicts sunny with clear skies. Perfect! You packed your shorts, short sleeve shirt or that summer dress you’ve had sitting in your closet. You get there only to find out the weather has drastically changed. It’s raining and there’s no sun, are you still in the mood to take photographs? More importantly, who’s hiring these weather people? You shouldn’t let bad weather ruin your vacation or prevent you from going outside to take photos.

Clouds are your best friends when it comes to photography. It won’t be able to talk back to you, buy you a drink, or tell you “yes those jeans do make you look fat” but, it will help you with photography. Having clouds can add drama or mystery to your photo. You just have to turn a negative into a positive.



Look Up



Now if that was clear sky, I don’t think I could create the same mood. I originally made this black and white but decided to add a touch of colour to it. When you’re in the post processing phase you have to make these photos yours. How you choose to compose and edit your photos will set you apart from everyone else. Find your style, and if you don’t have one just experiment until you do.


Get Out There


Shot on a GoPro

The northern part of Tenerife, Spain is known for its sporadic weather. Instead of getting our tan on, we grabbed our sweaters and took a chance. It did rain on our way in and yes it was very cloudy but I would have not taken this photo if we decided not to go. With photography you have to take your chances and make the best out of it.


Things To Remember


Don’t forget to use that imagination you had as a child. Don’t ever let that slip away because you will need it in photography. When you look at this photo, what do you see? Just clouds? Or can your imagination create something out of it? I see an angry gopher fighting a two-headed snake but that’s just me. The next time you see clouds in the sky, don’t avoid them. Look up because not too many people do.

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