Why You Shouldn’t Delete Any Photos On Your Camera


Well that photo looks like garbage, you should probably delete it. I’m only kidding, don’t. Now I have had my fair share of crappy photos and I’m sure you have too but what do we do when we don’t like a photo? Simple, delete it right? Wrong. You should never delete a photo until you 100% sure the photo is not salvageable.

“But  it’s underexposed”. You can fix that.

“It’s overexposed” You can fix that.

“There’s something ruining the shot” Try to remove it.

“I don’t like the composition.” Try to crop it.

I’m giving you advice I wish someone had told me when I started photography. I’m sure I’ve lost plenty of good photos that I thought were bad. Or maybe they were all bad who knows. It’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes right? Take it from me, you’ll thank yourself later.

It’s Underexposed

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.54.09

If this was me a few years ago I wouldn’t think twice and delete this photo. If I didn’t get it right in camera, then it wasn’t worth keeping. The truth is, you can fix your mistakes in post processing. Try to bring up the shadows and you’ll be surprised.


It’s Overexposed

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.00.49

Again the old me would have deleted this in a heart beat. Would you delete this photo? Did you think it was worth keeping? To be honest when I seen this photo I was upset initially, but I used some of my magic to make this a keeper. Try bringing down the highlights or exposure.

Extra Tip: If the colours are too dull and look unnatural when you add saturation, you should try it in B&W.


There’s Something In My Shot

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.19.08

Don’t fret my beautiful people, with the power of magic you too can remove objects out of your photos. Some may be trickier than others but in this case it worked well. Use the clone tool to remove unwanted objects. It’s like it was never there.

Composition Sucks

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.31.58

The Crop tool is an amazing tool to fix this. When cropping your photos make sure you get your main subject and remove the distractions. I could have left those rocks in the photo but what does it really add?

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.32.15



You probably have great photos you never knew you even had and you probably deleted a few too. Sometimes we make mistakes with in camera settings and it may lead to ‘bad’ photos but try your luck because you never know!

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3 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Delete Any Photos On Your Camera

  1. What a great post. I was just thinking of going back and deleting photos, and have a bad habit when it comes to this and then end up with nothing. Thanks for sharing.


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