5 Reasons To Try Night Photography

Light Trails


Light trails aren’t as complicated as people may think. Anyone can learn to do it within 5 minutes. Grab a tripod, a remote shutter (or timer), your camera and you’re good to go. Make sure you’re somewhere safe when you’re out there doing light trails.

*I will do a light trail tutorial soon!

All of The Lights


When I first tried night photography I was insantly hooked. More lights mean more ways to be creative. You can either brighten up the colours a bit like I did here, or you could desaturate it and keep one or two colours for interesting photos.

Practice Composition


What’s the rush? You got time. This is the best time to practice composition. Look at your subject and try different angles or distances. Practice some depth of field too while you’re at it. It’s so much more relaxing doing night photography and you can really hone your skills here. I had 10 different compositions before I ended up with this one and it turned out alright.


No One In Your Photos


Chances are if you’re out there late you won’t see that many people walking around. This is the best time for you to get that shot you wanted. You can even try doing a cool selfie too if you want. unfortunately for me I didn’t capitalize on that.


Be Different


If you’re on Instagram chances are the average person in your feed doesn’t have any night photography. You may be likely inclined to Netflix and chill but try do night photography and chill instead.



When going out there doing night photography make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Don’t go to places you are unfamiliar with or if you think it’s not safe. Go with a friend, go to popular landmarks, or well lit areas. Be safe and happy shooting! Make sure to check out my Instagram @supermoul like and follow.


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